Case Study


Rennicks Ireland are a leading distributor of retro-reflective and reflective traffic sign materials and active road studs


There was a clear need for change as the business needs had evolved and the supporting technology was aging and over complex




Our IT used to be a source of irritation. Since we have engaged Spector they have really taken over the complete management of all of the IT function. This ensuing stability has allowed us to upgrade our ERP systems and rationalise and modernise our IT. Our IT works better and overall we are paying less for a way better solution.

Dolores Nevin, CFO - Rennicks Sign Manufacturing

Spector employed an on-boarding process that addressed the core areas of high quality service delivery, security, disaster recovery and strategic planning. Central to the process was a complete 18 month plan to reduce the complexity of the core business (ERP) and associated 3rd party solutions. The stability provided by the Spector support team allowed for a complete migration to a new ERP solution, providing a simpler and more cost effective business management solution for the business both in Ireland and the UK.

Rennicks now has complete transparency of its systems and support mechanisms. There are now robust security and disaster recovery solutions in place that are tested and verified several times per annum. A dedicated team of trained Spector IT professionals now manages the day to day care of the Rennicks technology solutions.