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Business Continuity

Imagine a situation where you had no access to your systems, email and data for one hour at your busiest time of the week. Now imagine no access for 1 day or even longer. Now imagine this affecting your whole business. It is hard to imagine.

The purpose of Business Continuity planning is to prepare for and limit the effects of that eventuality. Business continuity planning is complicated and often overlooked or avoided.

We make this easy for you. We have the processes, policies, tools and expertise to make this simple. Backup is all about one thing – recovery. We perform over 600 test server recoveries per year. Engage our expertise and our BCP services, sleep better and have peace of mind.

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• We help our clients define their backup and recovery objectives. These are documented, and systems are designed to meet that need. If a crisis does occur, we will get you back running as quick as your business requires.

• We assist by providing the Business Continuity team with clear roles and responsibilities. Your staff will be prepared to act in any situation.

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• We monitor backups in real time to identify issues and review client backup reports daily.

• Issues are escalated and remediated by our certified support engineers. We will certify that everything is working for when you need them the most.

IT Support Dublin


We test backups quarterly, document and share these outcomes with our clients.

• Our customers are invited to watch as we perform a full Disaster Recovery test in our site, showing how long it takes to restore the complete IT infrastructure.

Downtime Calculator

How much does Downtime costs you?

It’s easy to underestimate how much one or two days of outage can impact your organisation. Use this calculator for a rough estimate of the potential costs your business may face.

Remember that there may be other significant losses not taken into consideration here, such as damage to reputation or loss of files and work. Thankfully, Spector has a complete set of Business Continuity Solutions that will allow you to reduce downtime to a minimum. For more information, click here and get in touch.


The solution that Spector offers for Business Protection is more comprehensive than an online backup service, which simply addresses one aspect of the solution. Online backup is also a very general term and depending on your setup your recovery in the event of a disaster could be quite long. Our Business Protection Service encompasses unified threat management, file retention, redundancy, versioning, backup, device management and recovery planning for business continuity all from a centralised management console with full reporting.

Not only do we regularly test our backups and verify their recovery state, we also conduct a full Disaster Recovery internal exercise every quarter and a yearly open demonstration for each of our customers.

This means you will be invited to come to our premises and observe how the whole process of Disaster Recovery works for your own business and how long it takes – live. Testing your DR solutions is a very important part of the process, and we have an article about it here.

The migration process is actually simpler and quicker than most people would imagine, and we have been in charge of it multiple times with no complications.

We will conduct your migration in the background, to ensure minimal disruption to your employees and your workflow. Our staff is experienced in organising this process and securing that no data is lost.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) are terms commonly used when defining standards for Disaster Recovery. RTO is the acceptable amount of time for the organisation to recover its data and systems after a disaster – which can range from a few minutes to several hours. 

RPO, on the other hand, is related to the amount of data the organisation is willing to lose when performing a restore, and it depends on the frequency that the backups are made. Some organisations will recover fine if they are able to access a backup from the previous day, while others will need to obtain their most recent data to recover successfully.

These aspects have to be agreed with the client according to the business needs, so that the price range is fair and there are always enough resources available at the right time.

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