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The cyber security risk has evolved from being a nuisance to a fully fledged vehicle delivering chaos on businesses of every size and nature. The surge in recent identity fraud and crypto locker malware infections are just the tip of the iceberg.

We understand the threat and vectors of attack and build out a security solution that defends your business against such attacks. We cut of the channels of attack and protect your digital assets with layered and centrally managed security solutions 24/7. Criminals do not sleep, neither do we.

Security by design leads to complete peace of mind.

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• People are the weak link in the majority of Cyber Attacks. We provide ongoing education and awareness training for all of your staff, to help them identify common threats and unusual behaviour.

• Our Access Control monitoring will also ensure that only users at the right position have access to classified files and information.

• Many of our clients lack the essential resources required for Cyber Security protection. We help to fill this gap by providing the staff and expertise to address your Cyber Security risk.

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• We provide the policies and procedures that support the underlying security technologies. This is the base of all security layers and will be one of the most important systems of protection.

• We control incidents, and will guide you on how to proceed if you become a target. The risk of Cyber Security is effectively mitigated and you will have evidence and audit-level visibility of your network.

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• We build layered security solutions aimed at protecting your staff and critical business data, regardless of where you work.

• You will have a range of tools at your disposal, such as Multi Factor Authentication, Endpoint Encryption, Mobile Protection, Cloud Backup and many more.

• Our solutions are monitored and centrally managed 24/7, and issues are escalated as required for immediate risk evaluation and remediation.

Cyber Security and Risk Gap Analysis

Identify your greatest cyber security risks. Prioritise your remedial actions.

Do you need to:

• Identify the organisation’s cyber security risks?

• Improve cyber security maturity?

• Achieve GDPR Compliance?

• Utilise established frameworks to focus your attention and budget?

Learn more about the best way to begin your path investing in Cyber Security with our short brochure, by clicking on the button aside. You will have more information to aid in your decision, such as how the process works and how long it would take. Get in touch if you have any other questions.


Most of the attacks that happen today are not performed by viruses, but by other tools and methods used by Cyber Criminals. There are many backdoors to your business network, such as your Firewall, your E-mail, and even your USB ports.

A complete Cyber Security solution will provide you with a full coverage against known threats, and will be continuously updating to protect you against the new ones. Our protection start from the creation of Policies, and goes all the way to monitor your network from all sorts of external and internal attacks.

Small and Medium Enterprises have become the main targets for hackers and Cyber Criminals in the past few years. Over 50% of all Cyber Attacks target SMEs, mostly because they do not invest much in their own defences – and therefore an attack is much more likely to succeed.

A Cyber Criminal may not just be looking for money, but even your data is a valuable resource for them. Customer’s information, confidential material and private files may be used against your business without you ever being aware of the breach.

Today, it is not a matter of “if” you become a target, but “when” you do. And the sad reality is that most businesses are not able to recover from an attack. Over 60% of businesses will close their doors up to 6 months after an attack.

We understand that Cyber Security and Information Security are unfamiliar topics for most of our customers, so we made a detailed article explaining the main benefits of our services and how they are done. You can read more about it by clicking here.

Spector has a wealth of experience across the full spectrum of Business Protection Services. We manage everything from a centralised console and clients get regular, comprehensive reports. We also schedule regular system tests with our clients, so that they can see the tools in action and understand how quickly recovery of critical systems can happen in the event of a disaster.

Malware is an umbrella term derived from “malicious software”, and refers to any software that is intrusive (unauthorized access), disruptive, or destructive to computer systems and networks. Malware may take many forms (executable code, data files) and includes, but is not limited to, computer viruses, worms, trojan horses (trojans), bots (botnets), spyware (system monitors, adware, tracking cookies), rogueware (scareware, ransomware), and other malicious programs. The majority of active malware threats are usually worms or trojans rather than viruses.

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