Cyber Security

Spector’s Cyber Security and business protection services protect your business against malicious attacks and unexpected data or service loss. We offer a range of solutions that meet your needs – from standard endpoint protection right through to complex compliance requirements.

We manage and engineer our own backup and disaster recovery solutions that are run from an ISO 27001-certified Tier 4 data centre based in Dublin. We monitor, manage and test both recovery and complete disaster recovery tests for our clients quarterly. With Spector, you can secure your critical business data and applications, and manage the ever-changing cyber security threat.

  • Multi-layered security
  • Mobile security
  • Data protection
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Recover Anywhere platform
  • To learn more about the main Cyber Security features that we offer, click here.
  • Enjoy multi-layer security solutions that are monitored in real time. All elements of the network and infrastructure are fully protected.
  • End to end security and mobile device management for remote and mobile users, wherever they are.
  • Solutions for data protection, leakage control and compliance reporting for those with a more in-depth need to control their environment.
  • Localised and private cloud-based backup and disaster recovery with minimal recovery point and time objectives.
  • Quarterly testing.
  • In the event of an unforeseen incident, we provide secure access to your core server infrastructure from any location with an internet connection.
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Business protection for complete peace of mind

Business Continuity Planning is essential to any business as you need to be able to continue operations if your place of business is affected by any level of disaster. Plans should therefore be put in place for local short-term disasters, longer building-wide problems, or permanent loss of a building.

Spector can help you identify and plan how the business would recover its IT operations or move operations to another location in the event of a disaster. Once we have identified your IT recovery objectives, we can put in place the systems to ensure that any future recovery operation meets your expectations. We fully test your systems and proactively monitor your backups so that we are alerted to any problems before they can impact on your business.

Spector has a wealth of experience across the full spectrum of Business Protection Services. We manage everything from a centralised console and clients get regular, comprehensive reports. We also schedule regular system tests with our clients, so that they can see the tools in action and understand how quickly recovery of critical systems can happen in the event of a disaster.

The solution that Spector offers for Business Protection is more comprehensive than an online backup service, which simply addresses one aspect of the solution. Online backup is also a very general term and depending on your setup your recovery in the event of a disaster could be quite long. Our Business Protection Service encompasses unified threat management, file retention, redundancy, versioning, backup, device management and recovery planning for business continuity all from a centralised management console with full reporting.

At Spector, we made the decision to invest in our own Tier 4 data centre to address some of the concerns of our clients. We can now offer better services using this private data centre, as it is located in Dublin and managed entirely by us. This has huge benefits for our clients including security and even faster recovery times for their critical systems.

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