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Beacon Medical Group

Beacon Medical Group is a private healthcare company based in Sandyford, Dublin. Composed of Beacon Hospital, Beacon Care Fertility and Beacon Renal, the group serves thousands of customers every week.

The Challenge

Beacon Medical Group are a long-standing client with Spector. They had the challenge of opening three new Dialysis clinics, two in Dublin and one in Drogheda. The buildings were brand new so they needed Spector to liaise with the building contractor. Each building required a brand new IT infrastructure to be prepared including medical machinery and software. Security was paramount in all discussions given the sensitivity of data.


Full setup of three new clinics


Liaising with building contractor


Work alongside medical software supplier


Configure and setup medical machinery


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Supplier Management

Meetings and discussions with building contractors and software supplier prior to the project beginning.


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Installation of Equipment

We installed and configured a brand new IT infrastructure at each site, including medical machinery.


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Set up IT Monitoring Tools

Set up management and alerting of the network on all sites, including servers, computers and dialysis machines.
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Continuous Support and Assistance

Aiding the customer on IT difficulties and security audits, all of which were successful.



Operations went live on all sites successfully. They are operating effectively and have been through multiple security audits.  We still manage the clinics along with the relationship with the software supplier. The infrastructure is modern, stable and secure.

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