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Spector works with clients across multiple industries. Our resources in this section reflect our experience and are meant to support and assist your path when learning more about IT, Cyber Security or GRC.

We are happy to share this with you and anyone you feel may benefit from this information. If there are other topics or areas that you feel are widespread issues feel free to run it by us. We will keep on updating this section and solving problems for those in need.

How to choose your IT Provider - The Checklist

A Checklist with the most important questions to ask

The process of finding the best IT provider can often seem complicated but it doesn’t have to be. We have complied the simple checklist below with the most important questions to consider and ask a potential partner:

• Do they have a dedicated team who will proactively monitor your systems to fix problems before they cause an issue for your business?

• Will you get to meet and strategically plan with an IT expert who understands your business at least every quarter?

For this and much more, download the checklist and bring it with you to your next partner prospect meeting.

An Essential Guide on How to Avoid Identity Theft

Identity Theft is the most prolific Cybercrime of the decade

Find out everything you need to know about protecting yourself against this threat with our essential guide.


  • How Identity Theft Happens
  • Cyber Security Self Assessment
  • How to Protect yourself
  • What to do if your Identity has been stolen
  • Useful tools and techniques against Identity theft

Downtime Calculator

How much does Downtime costs you?

It’s easy to underestimate how much one or two days of outage can impact your organisation. Use this calculator for a rough estimate of the potential costs your business may face.

Remember that there may be other significant losses not taken into consideration here, such as damage to reputation or loss of files and work. Thankfully, Spector has a complete set of Business Continuity Solutions that will allow you to reduce downtime to a minimum. For more information, click here and get in touch.

Multi Factor Authentication and Single Sign On

A Short Guide by Spector

Learn more about how these simple tools enhance your security, and create an extra layer of security for your business and employees.


  • What is Multi Factor Authentication?
  • What is Single Sign On?
  • How do these tools work?

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