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Cloud Services

Providing unparalleled freedom and flexibility

Break down the barriers of cost, location and technical capability. With Cloud services from Spector, virtually nothing comes between you and your work.

The Cloud is more than a way to keep you connected to your work; it’s a driver for business change, an enabler of endless new ways of working, and a way of making prohibitively expensive technologies affordable. 

Treat the Cloud as a solution, not just a service, and you’ll find a wealth of transformative business benefits.

No Limits, No Locations

Access Work from Anywhere

Files, folders, even common office software can be accessed in-browser and from any connection. You’re no longer limited by time, place or space.

Enjoy Unlimited Expansion

Cloud solutions grow with your company demand. From file storage to virtualised servers, Cloud technologies can expand effortlessly to your capacity.

Virtualise Technology 

Cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure deliver virtual hardware with unprecedented processing power. Work without limits from even humble devices.

Secure your Assets 

Secure your sensitive data behind industry-level protections and work in safety from isolated online workspaces

Save on Operating Costs

Save costs on hardware licensing, maintenance and software upgrades. Your Cloud providers and service partners deal with the upkeep for you. 

Update Effortlessly

Cloud services evolve over time, updating instantly with new features and protections – no more iterative upgrade costs.  

Ready to witness these benefits?

Unique Solutions with Uncompromised Standards

We work only to the standards of our clients and accreditors – delivering expert IT with full corporate compliance. The result is bespoke IT solutions that provide reassurance of your full corporate compliance.

Our Cloud Partners are all well-known and established leaders in their field, providing global solutions at the highest level. Most of the products we utilise come from Microsoft, and Storagecraft is our cloud backup provider.

Cyber Security
Microsoft Gold Partner
Cyber Essentials

You don’t have to tackle the Cloud alone!

Planning, managing and maintaining your Cloud solution is all just part of our service. Wherever you are in your Cloud journey,we’ll help you take the next step with your best foot forward.

The Spector Guide on Cloud Migration

The complete guide on Microsoft 365 and Azure migrations.

Our guide brings more insight into how a specialist IT project manager should prepare a migration with practical information and case studies. Use this to learn if your current IT partner is doing a good job, or if you are responsible for technology yourself, use it as a benchmark for your next project.

• Learn how your specific business technologies might influence your migration plans.

• Learn about the different types of migrations and which one will suite best your business needs.

• 2 Sample scenarios with a wealth of detail are available for practical comprehension.

Our Customer Accreditations

Patrick Thorpe

Director at Searing Point

“Starting a new venture is never easy. We needed flexibility in how we access our systems and data across multiple locations. Spector provided us with cloud-based desktops and support setting up Sage applications. Their knowledge of what a professional services company needed was excellent. They went above and beyond, dealing with our software suppliers.”

Liam Roycroft

Head of Operations at The Irish Film Institute

“Spector helped us transition from a full time onsite IT Manager to a fully outsourced model where they take care of all of our IT requirements. It has been a smooth transition with a very responsive helpdesk providing great issue traceability. Their team is great and provide us with a proper vision of how technology can be applied to our operations in the IFI.”

Dominic Galvin

CEO at Naturalife

“Spector has provided our company with top-class IT support for over a decade. We have a team of 30 people, of whom 10 are on the road. The service from Spector both on-site and remotely is excellent. Utilising the online backup and restoration service ensures that if we have a major server problem we would be up and running in a very short time period.”.

Complete, compliant Cloud solutions that grow your business

Provide expansive new business opportunities with dedicated Cloud solutions – built to your scope and specification. We’re here to make it happen.


Most people are not aware of all the possibilities within the realm of Cloud Computing. To help you make an informed decision, we made an article which compiles useful links and guides covering the most important aspects.

You can read it here and find out What you Need to Know about Cloud Computing.

Whether they realise it or not, most businesses are already using the cloud. Every day, more and more applications are moving to cloud-based platforms. However, we recommend to clients that they start with the basics (such as backup, phone or email) and progress from there once they see for themselves the tangible benefits of cloud-based services.

As a senior manager of an SME, you are faced with many challenges including increasing profitability and growth while reducing operating costs. Most businesses are looking to technology to help achieve these goals. Over recent years, there has been a shift in how infrastructure and software are delivered as more cloud-based services become available.

Since you generally only pay for what you consume, this can offer savings and flexibility to many small and mid-sized companies. Spector will help you make informed decisions about your company’s adoption of cloud technology.

In our experience, clients who have moved services to the cloud have not only made cost savings; they’ve also improved their business through the increased flexibility it affords. The key benefit is that employees are able to access systems and be productive no matter where they are.

To put it in simple terms, a Hybrid Cloud is a mash-up of on-premises and off-premises IT resources. You can utilise a “public cloud”, commercialised by an external vendor, to augment or replicate the resources of your own data centre, or your “private cloud”. By combining the best of these two you will have a Hybrid Cloud, with extra security and flexibility to manage your data assets and workload.

Depending on your business needs, we can advise on the creation and management of a Hybrid Cloud. By doing it right, you are more likely to save money and have the resources you need when you need them.