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Lightning-fast IT support services tailored to meet your technology needs

Say goodbye to your IT headaches. Our team of industry certified engineers provide jargon-free support communicated in plain English.

When you contact our service desk, there are no call waiting systems. You will always talk with a person, and 95% of the time will be directly connected to an engineer who can deal with or escalate your issue until it is resolved.

Your dedicated account manager and technical contact will perform your benchmark Technology Maturity Assessment. This will ensure that services are tailored to your explicit service and risk-based requirements. This also allows us to set out a roadmap to provide precise budgeting and improve your overall IT maturity score.

End-to-end Technology Support

Lightning-Fast Response

IT issues, small or large, need to be addressed with speed. We have the ability to identify issues before they become serious and deliver support to you wherever you need it.

Certified Engineers

All of our staff are industry certified in the technologies we use. It is a condition of their employment to maintain and learn new technologies in line with client requirements and industry best practices.

Great Results

We consistently score 98% positive feedback from our clients. A statistic that we are very proud of. Any customer dissatisfaction is addressed immediately to understand where, and if, we have gone wrong.

Continual Improvement

Our Ascend Programme identifies the areas of technology that need to be improved to deliver more benefits. These improvements are tracked through our quarterly review meetings until successfully completed.

Liaising with Suppliers

Your account manager will be your single point of contact for all things technology. We’ll deal with any vendors and simplify your process and communications.

Easy Switch & Onboarding

Switching to us is an easy and hassle-free process. We have a tried-and-tested onboarding process and will guide you through every step in the transition.

Time to regain confidence in your technology!

Unique Solutions with Uncompromised Standards

We work only to the standards of our clients and accreditors – delivering expert IT with full corporate compliance. The result is bespoke IT solutions that provide reassurance of your full corporate compliance.

Our solutions focus on protecting your critical business systems from unwanted intrusion. We manage and maintain best practices by aligning your business with cyber security standards and frameworks such as Cyber Essentials, NIST, ISO 27001.

Cyber Security
Microsoft Gold Partner
Cyber Essentials

Are you a SME operating in Dublin?

Super-fast IT support solutions. A one-stop-shop for all your IT support needs in Dublin.

How to Choose your IT Provider - Checklist

A Checklist with the most important questions to ask

The process of finding the best IT provider can often seem complicated but it doesn’t have to be. We have complied the simple checklist below with the most important questions to consider and ask a potential partner:

• Do they have a dedicated team who will proactively monitor your systems to fix problems before they cause an issue for your business?

• Will you get to meet and strategically plan with an IT expert who understands your business at least every quarter?

For this and much more, download the checklist and bring it with you to your next partner prospect meeting.

Our Customer Accreditations

Cathy Doyle

Sales Representative at Naturalife
“My experience with Mary and the team a Spector Information security business has been really terrific. I am not the most teckie person on this planet and the support they have given me has been supportive, patient and very professional. My many visits to the office is one of friendship and never one of discomfort for my lack of knowledge of my computer or phone problems.

They all work as a team and have a great working office. I would highly recommend this company.”

Dolores Cantwell

CFO at Rennicks

“Our IT used to be a source of irritation. Since we have engaged Spector they have really taken over the complete management of all of the IT function. This ensuing stability has allowed us to upgrade our ERP systems and rationalise and modernise our IT. Our IT works better and overall we are paying less for a way better solution.”

Jim Toal

CEO at Fairco
“Spector understood our needs from the very start. They formulated a detailed plan and executed it seamlessly. We now have an up to date, integrated, reliable and secure system that far exceeded our expectations”

Switching providers is much easier than it seems.

We'll handle the switch and take the heavy load off your back. No more tech headaches and frustration for your team.


Spector has a tried and trusted on-boarding process to manage the changeover period. This mitigates any risks and ensures there is minimal disruption to your business and staff. The process commences with an assessment of the risks and sets out a detailed plan to minimise these. Spector will put in their own firewall and any additional equipment required for a smooth changeover. We will contact your existing provider to make them aware of the change and request all passwords. Once everything is switched over and we have full visibility and control of your systems we set about stabilising everything.

We make every effort to ensure that any downtime is minimal and can schedule work to be undertaken out of hours so that your business and staff are not affected.

Outsourcing your IT is more economical than an in-house IT department. You get the reassurance that your IT systems are being looked after 24/7 by a team of accredited, trained, professionals with full traceability and reporting. You will not encounter issues such as staff holidays or sick leave. Almost all businesses depend on IT services to keep them up and running… but when IT services fail it has an impact on productivity. Managed IT Support services ensure that critical IT services remain available to all users, all the time.

Businesses who outsource IT support generally enjoy more stable network systems, lower maintenance costs, more uptime and greater peace of mind. However, care needs to be exercised in the selection of an IT support service company, as all are not equal. The right company should listen to your business needs and goals, offer impartial advice and show you how technology can lower costs and increase productivity, giving you better ROI.

Should you need any assistance deciding what to ask a potential partner, our Checklist of How to Choose an IT Provider may be just the place to start.

Opting for a break/fix support contract means that you would be charged hourly rates when a problem occurs. However, this would not encourage your IT contractor to work to find the root cause of the problem or even to put in place fixes to prevent problems before they occur. They are not interested in looking at your IT system as a whole and ensuring that it is adequate to service your company’s needs, you are just paying for quick fixes.

On the other hand, a managed IT service contract offers you the chance to have all the benefits of a fully functioning, professional IT department at a reduced cost. Proactive monitoring means that as soon as an issue arises, the IT support company is aware and resolves the problem before it impacts on your business. It also means that the issue is fixed faster, as the engineer has direct access to your systems 24 hours a day. They don’t even need to come in, they just remotely connect to the device causing the problem, resolve the issue and move on to the next incident.

Managed IT Service providers give reliable and responsive service using skilled professionals so that your IT system can function all the time. It is in their interests to think ahead and solve problems before they escalate as having to travel on site to resolve issues costs them money. Managed IT companies also strategically review your IT requirements and help you to plan your IT investment to maximise the returns for your business.

Many of our clients have requirements from time to time that fall outside of the scope of their managed service agreement – for example, a Microsoft 365 migration. We would generally handle these requirements as a separate project and would give the client a quote and outline plan for approval prior to work commencing.

Whether you are scaling up or down, Spector is happy to review your contract with you to ensure you are getting the best value service for your changing business needs.