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Generali is part of the Utmost Paneurope group, and it is a life insurance company providing sophisticated wealth management, savings, investment and employee benefit solutions to individual and corporate clients across Europe.

The Challenge

Generali came to us to educate and prepare their staff for GDPR. The human factor is a top priority in terms of Compliance and Cybersecurity, and it will ensure a company is ready to maintain good practices and show evidence of compliance in the event of an audit.


Administer training sessions for GDPR


Ensure all 200 employees are aware


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Video Training

Allowing them to learn on their own time and in the most appropriate circumstances



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Alarms and Notifications

We had notification mechanisms set up, to remind employees to take their lessons and for our own experts to keep track on their progress.
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Test Sessions

At the end of each lesson, the employees were quizzed and their knowledge over the topic tested.




200 staff members have been trained and are much more aware and confident for GDPR. They know how to manage sensitive data and how to act in the event of a breach, which is crucial for a modern and successful company. Being GDPR compliant also means their customers will be protected and the business won’t have to deal with huge fines in case of errors.

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