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Harcourt Life

Harcourt Life is an assurance company, formerly part of a large financial institution. The company focuses on acquiring portfolios of international bond businesses, and it is able to operate internationally through its sister companies.

The Challenge

Harcourt had to obtain and fit out a brand new office. They had no technological infrastructure yet and called Spector to begin building it from the ground up.  The new infrastructure had to accommodate their existing complex legacy IT systems and working alongside their third party vendors was identified as key to a successful project.

They advised that part of their business would be to acquire other books of business and therefore increase their staff numbers. To facilitate this they needed a stable, expandable and future proofed infrastructure.


Build tech infrastructure


Accomodate complex legacy IT systems


Work alongside third party vendors


Prepare structure for staff growth


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Cloud Solution

Set up a rock solid and fully redundant network and IT infrastructure capable of enduring long-term growth.


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Secure Migration

Migrate existing IT systems and data onto the new Network, with minimal disruption and downtime.
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Business Continuity Plan

The company now has procedures and tools in place to ensure it can remain productive in the event of a disaster.
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Ongoing Projects

We have completed many new successful projects to help them in their continued growth.



Harcourt has been growing and acquiring multiple companies since the initial project and the transition has always been smooth. The environment has remained stable and secure throughout. 

We now perform a Disaster Recovery test for a full day every year with the customers and at least one internal test per quarter. The company has been through and successfully completed multiple IT audits without any issues. 

John Morris

John Morris

“The transition from being part of a large group of companies with a centralised IT function to an independent company with less than 20 employees demanded a stable and secure IT environment throughout the process.

We engaged Spector to set up and manage our IT infrastructure when we planned this transition and now almost 2 years later, with the transition successfully completed and with significant growth and upgrading of our IT setup, we can reflect on a very productive partnership. The shared journey has increased mutual respect and both companies have learned from working together as a team to solve the challenges of an increasingly complex architecture.

This has been facilitated by great relations with the Spector team on the ground – whom we effectively see as colleagues. Our IT capability is a key enabler of our business development – and our relationship with Spector is a strategic building block on which that development depends.”

Head of IT at Harcourt LifeFinancial Services

Harcourt life

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