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Pembroke Hall

Pembroke Hall provides a range of fully serviced and very high quality offices in and around Dublin’s prestigious Georgian quarter. The sizes range from small one person offices to large offices which accommodate big businesses.

The Challenge

The client sources and renovates large Georgian buildings in Dublin City Centre and splits them into multiple serviced offices. They provide the Network backbone of Internet, phones and wireless to all companies.

These companies must have a secure and reliable network, but their communications and files have to be private and isolated to only their own employees. Security was a big concern. They were looking for an IT partner that could ensure a first class and secure service to their clients.


Complex IT requirements for various sites


Networks must be integrated and secure


Data and files must be private to each company


Hundreds of users will be supported


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Full Visibility Network

Everything is centrally managed and monitored by us, but companies run off their own isolated and secure network
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Full Time Support

24/7 support and availability from our ServiceDesk and full time on site assistance from one of our engineers.
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Cloud Servers

Available for the offices. We will perform constant infrastructure reviews, including hardware requirements, to make sure they are on point.
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Phone Solution

A solution that links all buildings and allows centralised billing and reception cover. A way to simplify a complex requirement.


We have established a very robust solution, which serves as the backbone and infrastructure for their services and growth. Pembroke Hall has grown from one building and about 100 users to over 10 buildings and 1,000 users in a few years. Our team keeps on supporting their clients every day.

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