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5 simple steps to help keep your data secure

Cyber Security

Data is vital for any business, so it is critical to keep your data secure from all external and internal risks. Due to the increased mobility of workforces, many employees regularly access company data from multiple devices both corporate and personal.

You need to ensure your business is not at risk in the event of a lost device or a security breach. Take these five simple steps to mitigate the risks

  1. Encrypt data to hide it from prying eyes – there are many encryption options, but make sure data is encrypted when it is in-use, stored on a device or in transit between devices.
  2. Educate users on virus and malware prevention best practices – ensure your staff do not download attachments or open links from unknown senders. Also that they never share passwords or sensitive information via the internet.
  3. Create BYOD security policies and protect mobile devices – personal devices invariably find their way into your organisation, so you need a workable security policy and a Mobile Device Management tool to protect your data.
  4. Implement a strong user access control framework – this will ensure that users have access only to what they need to do their jobs and thus mitigate the level of intrusion in the event of an attack.
  5. Use off-site cloud backup for business recovery – this helps minimise data loss risk and offers scalable and flexible options

Spector can advise you on the range of data security options available and provide you with a tailor-made solution. Please feel free to contact us on 01-6644190 for more information on our Business Protection Services.

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