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5 areas for cybersecurity innovation in 2017

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This article was originally posted on blog.fortinet.com by Michael Xie on February 27th, 2017.

R&D in cybersecurity

The world never stands still. In the technology space, this means that constant innovation and discovery is the key to a solution provider’s survival and growth. In the cybersecurity arena, this creed is even more vital. Many hackers are brilliant people. There’s only one way to get the better of them – be even more brilliant. And faster and more creative.

Which is why R&D is crucial in the security technology business. Cybersecurity solution providers must deliver open, integrated security and networking technologies that enable enterprises to see and react rapidly to changing attack techniques, increase proactivity, and scale and provision their security along with business growth. To cope with this breadth of demands – sometimes in very short time spans – technology providers need to be able to cross traditional boundaries, allowing them to innovate…Read more.

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