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What Information Security Companies Can Do for Your Business

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Many business owners and directors are unaware of the tremendous benefits that an information security companies can bring to their organisation. Even fairly small firms could find that engaging the services of an IT security company will add tremendous value both to their overall security posture and also to their specific computer risk profile.

Knowledge is power in the era of cyberattacks

Information security companies are operators in a highly specialist niche. The amount of knowledge and expertise required in this field is enormous. Given the ongoing fight against cyberattacks of ever-increasing sophistication professionals working in this space must constantly keep their skills updated. These factors no doubt contribute to the current situation where the demand for the services of cybersecurity companies is stronger than the available supply. The result is that many businesses, and especially smaller firms, simply avoid using the services of information security companies completely.

However, such a choice is ultimately detrimental to the health of the business. Although security threats may not materialise in any given instance, this is no guarantee that a company will remain secure from cyberattacks. Today, the level of threat is rising more than ever before, and in the long term, a firm that chooses not to make use of computer security firms may find that they are damaging their own interests.

Continuous testing

Information security companies can provide a wide range of services. The best understood services are penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, which are mandatory for organisations in some industries. In addition, an IT security company can assess the security of a firm’s Active Directory configuration or can review software code for security flaws.

In terms of consultancy services, a computer security firm can also assist with gap analysis according to ISO 27001, comparing an organisation’s Information Security policies and procedures against those required by the international standard, and delivering a report on areas where improvements are needed. Finally, the Information Security company can provide a temporary information security manager, for short or long periods.

Proactive IT security

It is not only in the case of one-off assignments that information security companies can make a real difference to a business. A reputable IT security company will seek to partner with their clients, assisting them in maintaining a solid and proactive security posture. This kind of work, when done properly, is not easily reduced to one-off projects. That makes it all the more important to partner with a reliable information security firm, one that will work with you in the long term to help your organisation achieve recognised standards of good practice in IT security.

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