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Spector Ascend – simple, effective & powerful

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Spector Ascend – what is involved?

There are a lot of components to business technology, but it is a lot simpler when viewed through a lens that prioritises goals and actions as they need to be addressed. The Spector Ascend is our continuous improvement programme that provides two clear goals:

  1. Set out best practices and KPIs, and make sure that the IT is performing as it should.
  2. Provide a regular meeting rhythm where goals are prioritised, set and reviewed. Making sure that technology delivers exactly what is required to assist business growth.

We guide our clients through this process and manage all of the outcomes and deliverables in the areas listed below. Make sure to get in contact with us if your business is going through significant changes and technology is central to that change. We can save you a lot of time and effort by taking an ever-evolving approach to your IT investment.

Make sure to email us on info@spector.ie or call us on 353 1 6644190. We would love to hear your story and see how Ascend can help.


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