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Microsoft 365 Archival and Backup

Microsoft 365 Archival & Backup

There are often legal requirements and business reasons to ensure that important emails are retained in a tamper-proof archive and easily searched. There are often quality of life and productivity reasons to keep a clean, and clutter free mailbox. Acting on both reasons helps your business stay compliant, and breathe easier. 

Office 365’s recycle bin is NOT a backup solution. It has a very limited retention policy of 60 days before the information is deleted. This backup solution covers Office 365 Email, Sharepoint Sites and One Drive for Business. For example – any emails that you delete from your mailbox today will become inaccessible and unrecoverable within 60 days. 

Spector offers a cloud-based solution that can hold the data indefinitely, and restore it quickly. 

e-Discovery and Searching

If all emails of a certain age are being archived, the client will need a way to search those files that’s quick and easy.

We can provide a service to clients that functionally replicates the search engine used in the main Office 365 suite, making searching through the archives as simple as searching a regular email, except your main inbox is clutter free. 

Microsoft 365 Business Package


Making note of important e-mails to specifically archive for posterity is needlessly laborious, we can offer clients a service that will just archive every email that reaches a certain age, eliminating even needing to think about it. 

Quality of Life

An inbox with no solid backup or archival policy can become large and unorganised very quickly, searching for recent files takes longer because of possibly hundreds of emails that might not have been opened since they were originally received, a more organised inbox means a higher level of productivity.  

Securing Remote Work for Covid Lockdown

Granular Backup Recovery

Recover single items or entire mailboxes from anywhere, so long as you’re connected to the internet. 

Unlimited Storage

Don’t worry about what percentage increase in archival & backup storage we offer vs Office 365’s default size, because the answer is there’s no limit, hence the encouragement to set up auto-archival on any email that reaches a certain age. 


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