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5 signs your company needs a managed IT service provider

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As a CEO or business owner, you know you cannot manage everything yourself. To ensure your company’s success, and offer the best possible environment for your employees, you have to delegate. Your IT needs are no different. Here are a few signs that indicate it’s time to seek out a better solution. If you’re experiencing any of the following five concerns, a managed IT service provider (MSP) may be the solution you’re missing…

5 signs your company needs a managed IT service provider

You do not have an in-house IT support team

Despite the growing importance of technology in business many small to medium-sized businesses still do not have a department dedicated to IT support. Instead, many businesses rely on an outside contractor. Also, in an effort to save on IT costs, many support needs fall on the shoulders of the most tech-savvy employees – even though their efforts are needed elsewhere. These options present two major issues.

Firstly, many contractors only offer break-fix support. At best, they’re helping your business meet current demands, but not helping you plan for the future. Secondly, when you expect non-IT employees to handle your IT issues, you’re taking them away from other duties and threatening their efficiency.

Your in-house IT professionals are overtasked

Let’s say you have 50 employees. Each employee has a desktop computer or laptop, and some have both. Many employees also have a work-issued smartphone, and several also use tablets. Everyone uses multiple programs, and all employees require internet access to do their jobs.

Even if you have more than one in-house IT professional, chances are they’re barely keeping up. The more technology your employees use, the more opportunities there are for issues to arise. When your IT specialists are allocating this much of their resources to fixing problems, it’s unlikely they have much time left over for more proactive or strategic efforts.

You’re always facing technology challenges

From network overloads and hardware crashes to software updates and user errors, it seems there is always something keeping you and your employees from reaching your full potential. Even if these issues do not seem detrimental to your success, even small challenges can be frustrating and disruptive. Not only does this affect productivity, it can also impact employee satisfaction.

You’re experiencing rapid growth

Every CEO seeks to accomplish two things: increase growth and minimise risk. As your company expands, so do your technology needs. You need to take a moment to consider the following questions:

    • How do you plan to support this growth?
    • Who is responsible for helping you choose the most future-proof technology and rolling out company-wide updates?
    • What additional security measures have you put in place to eliminate threats to your continued success?
    • Your IT needs should never be an after-thought. To ensure your growth continues, you’ll need reliable, always-available technology support.

You are unsure which technology to invest In

From building company culture and directing your senior management team to meeting with investors and executing your business plan, you have a lot on your plate. You don’t have time to keep up with the latest and greatest technologies. However, not staying current can pose a challenge when it comes to investing in your IT needs. How do you know which solutions are a good fit for your company? How can you determine the best way to spend your technology budget? You need a trustworthy technology partner who can help you navigate toward the right solutions.

A managed services provider will help solve all the above issues, and more. In addition to helping solve current technology challenges, these professionals can help you plan for the future and mitigate security risks. The team will help you work within your budget to make the right choices and offer 24/7 support for all employees. Even better, having your technology needs handled by a reliable Managed IT service. Provider frees you and your team up to do what you do best—run a successful business. Call Spector on 01-6644190 to see how we can help you.

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