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5 benefits of moving to VoIP

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VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is simply a system that lets people make telephone calls through the internet rather than via a traditional analogue phone system. VoIP converts the voice signal from an ordinary telephone into a digital signal, which travels over the internet, and then converts it back. With a VoIP service customers can make and receive calls anywhere in the world through the internet and the cost savings are very attractive to many companies.

The benefits of VoIP

  1. Reduced local, long-distance and roaming mobile call charges for employees
  2. A single network to manage both voice and data, instead of two thereby reducing maintenance costs
  3. Improved communication and collaboration with the integration of online conferencing, video calls and other collaboration tools
  4. Easy to make additions, moves and changes to the system as required
  5. Employees have more flexibility as all of your phone system’s features can be used at home, at the office or on the road

Before considering, you need to understand whether your current infrastructure can handle and sustain the extra traffic generated by VoIP. If your internet bandwidth it is not good enough you could experience connectivity issues and poor call quality. You should also consider the implications of internet or power outages which would mean that you have no phone connectivity. To get around this problem many companies retain at least one traditional phone line so that they can make critical calls.

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