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Cyber Essentials – what’s in it for me?

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Cyber Essentials (CE) refers to a cybersecurity certification scheme backed by the UK government and industry supported. This scheme was launched in April 2014 to assist organisations in protecting themselves from common cyberattacks and has quickly become an invaluable health check baseline and roadmap for businesses wishing to improve their cybersecurity.

What does the Cyber Essentials Certification cover?

The Cyber Essentials certification offers businesses a solid foundation of basic IT and cybersecurity knowledge in order to support them in their efforts to strengthen vulnerabilities in their security controls and practices against data breaches and cyberattacks.

The scheme focuses on five key areas of cybersecurity protection

Secure configuration

All computer and network devices should be configured to reduce the level of security vulnerabilities. Spector’s Managed IT services use policies, implementation procedures and security controls to ensure your devices are not at risk.

Boundary firewalls and internet gateways

The use of boundary firewalls and secure internet gateways ensure the protection against unwanted and unauthorised access from the Internet. Spector offer strategy consultancy services to ensure that your organisation is compliant with all areas covered within Cyber Essentials.

User access control

User access control should be managed effectively to ensure that only the most trusted and authorised users are granted high-level access privileges to sensitive data.

Patch management

Any software program can fall victim to security vulnerabilities. An organisation needs to have an adequate patch management structure in place and update all software programs effectively.

Anti-virus and malware protection

Any computing device that is connected to the Internet should have protection in place in the form of anti-virus and malware protection software. Spector’s business protection services ensure that all devices are protected against malicious malware viruses and attacks.

What benefits does it offer my business?

Implementing the Cyber Essentials certificate as part of a cybersecurity risk management plan has proven to be beneficial for numerous companies. Not only does it ensure that your business is adequately protected but it also demonstrates to potential clients that you are proactively taking action to be compliant with cybersecurity policies.

The certificate allows organisations to focus on their core objectives in the safe knowledge that they are striving to protect against cyberattacks and limit the financial losses that are associated with internal data breaches. It also aids in driving business efficiency and improving productivity.

Does my business need a cybersecurity certification?

Ignoring cybersecurity is no longer an option. With the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, all organisations will be required to oblige to the protection of personal data and will suffer significant fines if a data breach occurs. For this reason, implementation of the Cyber Essentials certification will help ensure that your organisation endeavours to be fully compliant under the GDPR.

Spector is a certified partner of the Cyber Essentials certification scheme and offers this accreditation as part of our Compliance Package. Our services provides your organisation with a wide range of solutions, from IT security to risk management. If you have any questions regarding GRC, technology or cybersecurity, call us today.


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