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Disconnected thinking and business systems – NOT GOOD

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Disconnected thinking – does it have to be this way?

There is a modern epidemic… In fact perhaps not modern at all, perhaps just typical and more connected to the way that we now operate. Immediacy trumps planning, busyness trumps logic and sequence. The time trap. We are all prone to rash in the moment decisions. But a bad decision is better than no decision – right? Perhaps not. It comes at too high a cost when choosing a business system to fit your business.

Poor planning – a live example!

What is bad is poorly planned and executed decision making without connecting simple dots. The current Light Rail (Luas) building works running in the centre of Dublin is the product of epically poor planning and disconnected thinking. Two light rail systems built at the same time running on different track gauges. A great project torpedoed by a lack of connected thinking.

We met with a rapidly growing professional services company only last month who had bought in three layers of software (and recommended hardware) to better manage their practice only to find out that the solutions could not successfully talk to each other – the whole purpose to start with. Wasted time, money and effort for a company under time pressure already. A lack of time, fast growth and committed resources was to blame for the poor decision.

When referred by another client to assist we were happy to help. Lots of great work and thinking had been done but the list of features had grown as they went. The end solution lay in a completely different product suite with low entry costs and no explicit hardware requirements. A real Win Win.

At Spector we practice and preach two things:


Always look for what fits and what you can actually deliver. Consumers of business solutions often have bigger eyes than stomachs or abilities. Start simple and then develop into the more complex solutions as your staffing and operational ability allows. We have learned that the hard way ourselves.

Get a guarantee

Don’t push the BUY button unless you can have firm guarantees and there is light at the end of the tunnel. False promises are rife in the software world. Look for structured education programmes, references and localisation partners at the very minimum.

This is not rocket science, but if your company is on this journey of change and are time tied we may be able to help. Regardless of your flavour of professional services (architecture, engineering, management or business consultancy or creative agency), we may be able to assist. A quick chat costs nothing and may save a lot of time and disappointment.

Feel free to email us directly on info@spector.ie or visit our website on www.spector.ie or just call on 353 16644190 where one of our team will be happy to talk with you.




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