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IT managed services: what does the CIO or IT director need?

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The need clearly, is to find a strategic partner, who can drive business growth and transformation, rather than remain a mere supplier of IT capacity. They are looking for a highly flexible, broadly capable partner who takes a more proactive approach to IT management, to help them simplify, optimise and advance their technological investments.

Today’s IT Leaders have to meet the challenge of increasing business demands while controlling IT costs and alleviating management headaches. CIOs are continuously looking for a provider to improve the performance of their IT Infrastructure, as technology is becoming more and more complex.

A transformation from traditional models

More and more the approach is towards more of a managed infrastructure services framework and CIOs will want to adopt and engage with a flexible managed services model to have the convenience of using best of breed technology and services without losing control of IT.

A lot has changed and the market has gradually transformed from body shopping contracts or facility management services to a strategic process-oriented & flexible delivery model. We will see more of a hybrid of offsite services delivery either through Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) or a combination of offsite remote management and onsite delivery.

Initially, managed services were mostly adopted by large enterprises but now small to medium enterprises are using them because of competitive pressures and operational concerns. Today, organisations from different verticals are very keen on using workplace management services, managed data centre and network and security support services rather than traditional outsourcing models.

The managed services providers need to focus on service excellence and offer bespoke services to different customers. They must expand their local delivery capabilities by having a truly global model with the required knowledge, customer-facing partners and distributors worldwide.

New flexible delivery model

Growing companies need to be one step ahead of the game. They can do this by adopting a flexible managed service provider who can manage the peaks and troughs of their business demand to meet future IT infrastructure requirements.

In this collaborative approach, both parties (organisation & IT managed services provider) share risks and responsibilities for better output. This model helps in rationalising headcount, whilst focusing on cost efficiency within the organizations existing ways of working.

Through a partnership approach to their managed services program, organisations can focus on their core competencies; lower the cost of managing IT infrastructure through improved productivity and operational efficiency with access to a dedicated team of highly qualified and talented professionals from their service provider.

It is an investment that gives organisations the most advanced IT capabilities while allowing them to maintain as much or as little control over their IT operations and infrastructure as they wish.

IT Managed Services consists of various service level offerings that provide proactive IT management and support. Companies can opt for a range of managed services designed to optimise the technology investment and maximise the productivity of their people and business.

IT Managed Services offerings cover the entire array of IT outsourcing services including:

  • Data Centre & Network Management
  • Desktop & Server Management
  • IMAC
  • Virtualization and
  • Cloud Computing services

Infrastructure Management Services gives organisations access to highly qualified support professionals to resolve issues related to desktop & laptop support, routers, switches, firewalls and wireless access points. Acting as a single point of contact for all IT-based inquiries, the service logs all issues as incidents in a service management tool.

Business Benefits

This model will provide an effective and proven Infrastructure Management Services for organisations to reduce costs and improve on service delivery efficiency. The other business benefits are:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Pay less for a higher quality of service
  • Better control and efficiency of scale
  • Gain access to best of breed tools & best practices
  • Speedy knowledge transition and reduce dependency on individuals
  • Shared service delivery platform within business units and industry
  • 99% -100% of SLA maintenance
  • Peace of mind

Spector’s IT Managed Services are designed to protect clients existing investments and intellectual capital by working with multiple platforms, delivery partners and their own teams. We base our solutions on very best practices and proven methodologies. You can read more about our proactive approach to managed IT services by clicking here.

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