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Using technology to boost team performance

Using technology to boost team performance
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Whichever business you’re in, you probably need people to conduct your core activities. People are the most valuable assets, and most companies exist simply because of their team’s collective knowledge and expertise. Acknowledging this is important, but more than that is creating an environment that enables your people to perform well and feel satisfied. That can’t be left to chance, and technology should play a role in this process. This article discusses how you can use technology to boost team performance.

After all, technology probably has a significant impact on your business operations and resilience. Your tech infrastructure affects your organisation daily, but did you ever stop to think about how it affects your team? Tech allows your people to be more efficient and collaborate in ways not possible before. 

With the right strategy, your business could attract and retain the best people – allowing them to perform at their top level. Is your tech doing enough to motivate your team, or is it bringing headaches to them? Keep reading to learn about how we can use technology to boost team performance.

Better Communication and Collaboration = Better Teamwork

The first and most obvious way a business can use technology to boost team engagement is by facilitating communication and collaboration. Sometimes these might seem trivial, but their impact on the work environment can be immediately felt.

The pandemic made it clear how tech allows teams to communicate seamlessly in multiple environments. Using video calls and instant messaging applications became the norm for most businesses. VoIP – which is essentially phone over the internet – was also popularised as a viable mechanism to have people in different addresses connected to the same landline. Companies that didn’t use these became virtually inaccessible during the pandemic. Even after restrictions were eased, organisations kept utilising these tools to save time and money.

Collaboration tools can also allow your team to do much more. Modern file sharing solutions allow people to simultaneously edit documents and sync them together – avoiding past issues with multiple file versions and redundancy. Tools such as SharePoint enable team members to access files and leave comments and feedback before forwarding them to customers.

And all of that can be done while remaining compliant with data security standards. Access to specific folders can be exclusive to certain departments or individuals with higher clearance. Security does not need to be compromised to allow efficiency – as we explain in the article Access Control.

Work from anywhere, hire from everywhere 

Remote working became the norm during the pandemic, and most companies have learned to embrace it. Now employees have become more demanding, and allowing them to work remotely has positively affected their satisfaction, work-life balance, and retention.

But remote work is not only positive for employees, and it enables companies to take advantage of the talent that was previously out of reach. With it, businesses can access a global workforce and pick from the best candidates regardless of where they are located.

There are plenty of tools and aspects to be considered when talking about remote work, and most business owners have minimal knowledge of what’s available to them. Tools such as Microsoft Teams have several valuable capabilities. Read our Guide to Remote Working to understand more elements within this topic and learn some helpful tips. Alternatively, get in touch to learn more about what could be applied to your business.

Having remote working capacity has become a considerable competitive advantage when recruiting. This is another clear example of how businesses can use technology to boost team engagement. You can use it to attract more talent and give your people plenty of flexibility to retain them.

More time to work on what matters

Business technology brings much-needed efficiency to the table. Tasks that would take days can be done in minutes, and a single individual can do projects that would require a whole team. Once you have an in-depth understanding of your processes and bottlenecks, you can identify where you can improve and use technology to boost team performance.

Tech can speed up or automate multiple time-consuming tasks and allow your team to be more efficient. Tasks such as producing reports or getting signatures to close deals can now be done with a few clicks and save time. They can then dedicate extra time to tasks that generate more value and have more face-time with customers.

Depending on your industry, there are different ways to improve processes and become more efficient. We recommend talking to a specialist technology provider in your industry to hear what they have to say.

Switching IT Support Providers

Training and onboarding your team

Your company can also use technology to boost team education and qualifications. Keeping your people up to date with market trends and developments is vital to maintaining best practices and reaching your goals, so why not facilitate this process using tech?

Specialised education can be delivered remotely, allowing people to learn and develop wherever they are. You can set a training programme so they can develop at their own pace or establish a training routine for them to follow. These methods allow companies to access and deliver enterprise-level content from anywhere globally.

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The same logic can be applied to your onboarding processes, streamlining the learning path for new employees and teaching them how to best utilise tools and systems they’ll need daily. Expect more than just a series of videos; there are several interactive training programmes available today, with some even including exams, projects and assignments to allow people to show what they’ve learned.

Finding the best ways how to use technology to boost team performance

Your employees are predominantly responsible for your business’ success, so it’s crucial to get them to operate at their best. Management and organisational culture will have a major impact on them, but so does the technology in which they handle their tasks and collaborate.

Every business can be improved in a different manner, and a specialist partner will be able to provide tailored advice to your particular industry. Seeking expert assistance means you’ll have an adequate strategy and knows where to go and how to prioritise. You’ll be saving time and money by using the exact tools that’ll have the best impact potential in your business.

If you’re looking for a partner to lend you a hand, Book a Discovery Call. We’ve been in business for two decades and have worked with hundreds of customers in multiple industries. Our team knows what is needed for business in professional services, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. We’ll be happy to talk, understand your needs and offer a solution.

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