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What is a VoIP system?

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Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) refers to a type of technology which makes it possible for users to make calls using a broadband internet connection rather than through the conventional method of a landline phone system.

Many large sized companies have caught on to the rising popularity of the VoIP system in recent years. However, there are still a number of SME businesses who are wary of adopting this form of communication technology in fear of poor audio quality or expensive implementation fees.

Spector’s unified communication solutions provide your company with an extensive range of modern telephony to enhance communication and in-house collaboration while also ensuring cost savings and real value.

Benefits of implementing a VoIP system

A VoIP system offers businesses numerous benefits from the moment of implementation especially in terms of improving their overall communication offerings:

Cost savings

Operating a VoIP system is significantly cheaper than utilising a traditional landline service. This service also means that you no longer have to maintain separate networks for both your phones and your data. As all telephone calls are hosted through your internet broadband provider it results in reduced local, long distance and mobile roaming costs for the business and employees.

Improved flexibility and mobility

VoIP systems can be incorporated into your existing landline via VoIP adapters. These adapters are portable allowing users to take telephone calls over a dedicated VoIP number in any location providing they have an internet connection. This provides employees with a multitude of benefits in terms of flexibility as calls will be diverted through the hosted VoIP phone system straight to the employee’s phone regardless of whether they are at home, in the office or travelling.

Increased productivity

Having the ability to make calls over the Internet allows users to also integrate various software programs such as email and fax via the same telephony system. An employee can place outbound calls through their email client or access voicemail accounts straight from their desktop. This helps to improve the overall productivity of a company by ensuring that users have the opportunity to multitask via the telephony system without distractions or interruptions. Spector’s presence control and managed IT solutions ensure that you can continue to collaborate with colleagues and clients in real time at all times.

Easy implementations and scalability

Hosted VoIP software systems are easy and inexpensive to install. There is no hardware installation needed, all that is required is an IP phone. Due to this, it also cuts down on the cable cluttering associated with the traditional telephone systems. The scalability of the IP infrastructure also makes it easy to add or remove components without any hassle.


VoIP systems are not just for making calls. The IP infrastructure also includes the functionality for hosting video conferencing and video calls. This function allows businesses to stay up to date with client meetings and continue collaborating with in-house employees regardless of where they are. This eliminates the need of being physically present for important meetings and maintains communication and productivity levels. Spector provides one-stop-shop teleconferencing and video conferencing solutions providing your business with continued client face time.

Spector’s unified communication solutions ensure that your business experiences all of the benefits that a VoIP system has to offer. If you are unsure as to whether your current telephone system or Internet bandwidth is capable of supporting a VoIP system, one of our expert technical engineers can assess your current infrastructure and advise you on the best communication strategy for going forward. If you have any questions about the unified communications services that Spector provide, please contact us today.

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