Unified Communications

There has to be a better way to communicate! So many companies are trapped in the past with a mix of traditional phone systems, mobile communications and a blend of other solutions providing IM and conferencing.

Spector’s unified communications solution offers all of these communications features under one hood. We greatly simplify the process of communications, extending their reach outside of the organisation delivering real value and costs savings. Understand all the details and benefits of this service on our online Guide. Make the move to better communications, talk to Spector today!

  • Modern telephony – anywhere, anytime.
  • Instant Messaging (IM) & presence control.
  • Conferencing and video conferencing.
  • Dramatically lower costs.
  • Improved communication and collaboration for your business which can be centrally managed for better efficiency.
  • Collaborate in real time with your colleagues and clients. Know where they are and if they are free to chat.
  • Fully packaged teleconferencing and video conferencing solutions, allowing for more client face time without the costs of traditional systems.
  • VoIP allows for great cost savings as well as the ability to use local numbers for conferencing in other countries. Great savings with much more functionality. A win/win technology.
Unified communications IT solutions Spector Dublin

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It is true that for VoIP to work you need a broadband connection and very few businesses can operate without their phone systems. To mitigate the risk of broadband failure, we recommend to our clients that they introduce a backup broadband connection or keep at least one landline operational as a fallback.

That is dependent on your particular hardware. Our technicians will easily be able to assess its suitability to see if it can be adapted for a unified communications system.

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