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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our Backup & Disaster Recovery services cover strategy, planning, management, and testing of your core backup and Disaster Recovery solutions, ensuring that the recovery plan will work as expected when needed.

We perform recovery tests quarterly as part of our IT Admin processes. This is fully documented, emailed to client key points of contact and stored in each client folder.

Single Solution

Many MSPs offer several Server Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions from multiple vendors, making the job of defining proper recovery difficult. Spector operates only one backup and recovery solution and our engineers are trained and certified in that product.

We perform over 1000 recoveries per year and have never had a recovery that we could not deliver. Our solution is centrally managed and monitored, with alerts that appear in real-time at our HelpDesk, meaning any abnormal behaviour will be seen by one of our Certified Engineers as it arises.

Start with Policy

Regular Testing

We carry out Quarterly Disaster Recovery tests, where we mount the clients’ server in a Sandbox environment. In full disaster recovery tests, we also can connect remote users and 3rd parties to the recovery environment (via secure VPN), allowing the client to access their system even in the worst-case scenario.

30 Day Cost Coverage

With many other Cloud-based recovery solutions, you must pay for the resource usage of servers while they are being recovered or for retrieving the data from the Cloud.

Spector covers the Disaster Recovery + Cloud Usage cost for 30 days, meaning the client can order a new server and get it set up comfortably if disaster strikes, with no compromises.

Testing backups for peace of mind

Predefined Written Policy

Policy is critical in DR. We agree on a Recovery Point and Time objectives with the client for each server and then set out backup and recovery strategies to meet that need. This gives the client clarity around the proposed recovery strategies.

What is the cost of Downtime for your Business?

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