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Cyber Security Assessment

Cyber Security Assessments

Our Gap Analysis helps you benchmark your current Cyber Security posture and identify your organisation’s critical IT risks. It allows you to focus your attention and budget on the highest priority risks while improving overall Cyber Security maturity levels. Our process generally involves the three following steps:

1- Start with Strategy

The logical first step is to define your Cyber Security strategy and desired outcomes.  Whether this is achieving a standard such as ISO 27001, meeting Regulatory and Audit Requirements, or simply improving your overall Cyber Security posture.

This strategy discussion sets the stage for the Frameworks and Controls to help guide you through your Cyber Security journey.

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2- Perform the Gap Analysis

We assess your organisation’s current and target Cyber Security profiles.
The difference between these profiles provides the GAP Analysis and defines risks over 5 key functional areas: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

Spector typically leverages the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to provide structure for our work – that’s where these areas come from. We’ll perform an Assessment Scoring, so you’ll know exactly how your business is performing in each of them.

3- Identify the Key Risks

Once we have a clear picture of the gaps, we can then assess the associated risks. First, we identify the inherent risk and the organisational risk appetite. The knowledge obtained thus far will inform us of the critical vulnerabilities found in your current structure.

This process then indicates which risks should be dealt with first and allows us to create an Action Plan based on your priorities. The goal is to protect your business from these imminent risks before addressing more complex matters.

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Learn More About the Gap Analysis

Download our brochure for more detail

The Gap Analysis is a crucial step in our process and provides valuable insight into your business’ technological and operational structure. We’ve compiled some of the essential information in this PDF, but feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss this method in more detail.

Outcomes of an IT GAP Analysis

1. Evaluate current IT against best practice.
2. Defines exactly what to outsource – service catalogue.
3. Defines expectations – SLA’s, edges of service.
4. Identifies key risks.
5. Defining a clear roadmap – Onboarding, Reviews, Strategy, Projects.
6. Commercials and ongoing costs. 

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