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Anti Virus and Malware Protection

Anti-Virus & Malware Protection

Full Coverage Against Virus and Malware

A must-have if your workforce is online. Stop Cyber Criminals on their tracks with real-time protection!

Cyber-Security Risks are growing exponentially and effective Malware Protection software is crucial to protect your business and staff. Position your business to combat these cyber-threats with Spector’s Managed Malware Protection Service.

Is your Anti-Malware Protection Effective?

With our service, invaders will have a much harder time getting to your system. Learn why it is so effective:

Deep Learning Tech

• The threat posed by Cyber Criminals is ever-evolving. It is essential to stay one step ahead of criminals who are out to hack into unwary businesses. Sophos’ AI-based deep learning offers a  predictive approach to cyber-security that can protect against known and unknown threats, preventing attacks in real-time.

Full Coverage

• Our Malware protection service covers all servers, PCs and mobile/smart devices, providing both a single pane of glass to manage all policy and malware remediation. Our engineers are fully certified and able to respond and remediate any issues as they arise. Incidents are logged, and root cause analysis scrutinised to ensure that end users can be protected.

Helpdesk Integration

• All alerts hit our helpdesk in real-time, ensuring our certified engineers are on the case in minutes to achieve the remediation of any endpoint with malware-related issues. Our services allow us to create a protective shield around our customers’ network.

Deep Learning Tech

Spector Protects

Spector has been providing cyber security services for almost 20 years now, and for most of this time, anti-virus and malware has been a key component in the package. Today we’re utilising Sophos as our primary cyber security solution. They’re a worldwide leading company operating at the top-level in security, offering tools that can be centrally managed from a cloud-based console.

Our average response rate of just over 7 minutes means that should anything slip through the cracks of our robust and dense Cyber-Security service; a Certified Engineer will be in contact with the client quickly, maybe even before the client themselves knows there’s an issue.

How do we Operate?

Our service combines traditional anti-virus and modern AI-based ransomware protection for PC’s, Mac and servers. Utilising Sophos, we can set, control, and enforce policy across devices through a centralised management console, offering 24/7 threat control and response.

The tools employed are constantly monitoring our customer’s network looking for any suspicious activity. When unusual behaviour is detected, our engineers immediately receive an alert, and the problem source is contained before causing damage or spreading through the network.

We will then communicate to the customer and provide an incident report detailing how the whole episode came to be. The malware often comes via unaware users who open infected attachments or bring them from their home networks.

Helpdesk Integration

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