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Compliance as a Service

The Cyber Security climate has shifted drastically over the last few years. Malicious attacks are growing, and putting the right tools in place is only part of the battle. Achieving Compliance in the face of these growing threats, increased regulatory pressure, and operational complexity means that traditional methods of mitigating risk are outdated.

Our Compliance package ties all of our best practices together. It defines policies and best practices, establishes a GAP analysis, and improves our client businesses’ cyber security and risk posture. This is performed through a set of initiatives and reported to the client in the form of an intuitive scorecard.

Achieving Compliance

Ensuring your business is industry compliant is becoming necessary to maintain an agile cyber-security posture.

We help clients improve their business with thorough, evidence-based policy reviews and Quarterly Technical Environment Checks to ensure compliance is maintained. Achieving Compliance means your business is in the best position to improve and maintain productivity and efficiency, reducing costs company wide.

Cyber Security

Risk Management

With our Compliance package, we can manage security incidents, offer end-to-end incident-based reporting, and issue remediation. With our thorough and collaborative approach, together we vastly reduce your businesses risk of fines and reputational damage should an incident occur.

New Way of Thinking

The old model of reactive services does not achieve compliance anymore. To keep up with external pressures, businesses must now move towards thinking strategically instead of reactively.

We have years of experience managing SMEs Governance, Risk, and Compliance for non-profit agencies and businesses alike. Our Compliance package will ensure your business can cost-effectively manage your pace with regulatory demand while delivering comprehensive reporting and offering strategic guidance.

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With our robust reporting and management tools, combined with our policy reviews and quarterly technical environment checks, we can ensure your business achieves compliance. Meaning your company can begin looking ahead with the agility and preparedness to think strategically about your business relationship with technology, moving away from the reactive processes of the past.

Cyber Risk Compliance Programme

Full peace of mind against threats and audits

The Spector Cyber Security Programme is a comprehensive strategic approach to the management, and ongoing improvement of your Cyber Security maturity levels. It is aimed at companies for whom the security of their key information and technology assets is critical.

Governance, Risk and Compliance are among the main areas addressed by the programme, which also makes it ideal for businesses facing continuous regulatory requirements.

Download the brochure to understand how Spector operates and provides value. The connected thinking behind our programme brings a wealth of positive outcomes before, during and after an audit.

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