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NIST Cyber Security Framework

NIST Cyber Security Framework

The NIST framework is a US government standard allowing Companies to gauge their Cyber Security maturity. It is one of the only frameworks that enable a company to measure its maturity levels regarding cyber security.

A business will show significant growth in its operations, security, and compliance standards by improving its overall maturity. 


• The NIST Framework allows a company to easily see where they currently sit in terms of Security Maturity. 

• It gives a company a clear outline of where it needs to improve. 

• It provides a company with clear steps to improve and move to the next level of maturity. 

• It can be applied by almost any company, regardless of size or niche.


Implementing NIST

The NIST framework has four levels of maturity; 

  1. Partial Implementation  
  2. Risk-Informed 
  3. Repeatable 
  4. Adaptive 

Depending on how well structured your company is and wishes to be, we’ll establish your current and desired maturity level. From then, the priorities and following actions will become clear. We at Spector have brought customers from a low maturity level to the highest rating, where they can quickly obtain the ISO27001 certification.

Managing Technical Risk with NIST

Applying NIST to create a risk management system

In this complete guide on NIST, we offer tools and detailed insight into using the framework to create your own Risk Management System.

Made especially for Financial Services companies, this guide can also be applied to most verticals with strict compliance regulations and top-level cyber security standards.

Dive in and get in touch if you have any questions!

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