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Migrating to the Cloud

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Work from anywhere at any time, with the added collaborative capabilities that only the Cloud can provide.

For the past decade, we have provided communications, email and disaster recovery solutions in the cloud. That is now expanding into other functional areas of business. Almost every infrastructure refresh discussion that we have raises questions about how to leverage cloud solutions to business advantage.

Our approach starts with a review of your business, the critical business applications, and how you collaborate with your staff and 3rd parties. There are enormous benefits available to using platforms such as Office 365, Azure and Enterprise File Share solutions. It is simply a matter of identifying them.

Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

Simplify your IT 

• Reduce the complexity of your internal IT infrastructure and make your internal technology more agile.
• Remove cumbersome server loads such as Exchange Server and legacy communications.
• Simplify data recovery and business continuity. 

Improve Your Agility 

• Enhance your ability to share and communicate across any device or location.
• Use a range of productivity apps, such as Office 365 or Egnyte, and a whole suite of planning and communication tools – including E-mail, video conferencing and Instant Messaging over the cloud. 

Be More Flexible 

• Let your staff work from anywhere, on any device that is company owned and vetted.
• Storage and sharing tools will enable employees to collaborate more effectively and avoid losing work.
• Use what you need, only when you need it. If you need a testing environment, then cloud is for you. 

Benefits of moving to the cloud

Choosing the Right Provider

A proper cloud migration process tends to be very complex and has many instances where it could go wrong. To ensure your files and operations are secured in the cloud, you should find a trustworthy provider to advise and guide you over each step and who essentially watches all details for you.

Spector can assist by setting out all of the possibilities available to your organisation, the benefits they bring, and how and when to migrate with minimum fuss. Our security team will also assist in making sure that your cloud infrastructure conforms with security best practices.

What is the scope of your Cloud Services?

The Cloud is very broad, and Spector covers pretty much everything a modern business needs. From communications, storage, processing power and even setting up your own hybrid Cloud, our team is ready to provide advice and develop a plan to get you where you want.

Whether they realise it or not, most businesses are already using the cloud. Every day, more and more applications are moving to cloud-based platforms. However, we recommend to clients that they start with the basics (such as backup, phone or email) and progress from there once they see for themselves the tangible benefits of cloud-based services.

Secure Remote Working

The Spector Guide on Cloud Migration

The complete guide on Microsoft 365 and Azure migrations.

Our guide brings more insight into how a specialist IT project manager should prepare a migration with practical information and case studies. Use this to learn if your current IT partner is doing a good job, or if you are responsible for technology yourself, use it as a benchmark for your next project.

• Learn how your specific business technologies might influence your migration plans.

• Learn about the different types of migrations and which one will suite best your business needs.

• 2 Sample scenarios with a wealth of detail are available for practical comprehension.

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