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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Communicate and Collaborate with Ease.

Microsoft Teams is a fabulous product. Its versatility makes it an ideal solution for small and large organisations of all types. However, to get the most of it and explore all the advanced features, you will need a plan to get it up and running properly.

So if you are interested in providing your staff with a single app that allows you to perform the following, then Teams is for you.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams

• Chat in real-time: Be able to get quick answers to questions through real-time chat. 

• Verify their availability: No more guessing if your colleagues are available. Real-time presence allows you to see if they are available, on a call, in a meeting or whatever. 

• Make and receive all calls on any device: Stay in contact with your colleagues, clients, friends and family through a simple to use call management solution that can be used on any device – laptop, mobile, desk phone, tablet – you name it. 

• Collaborate on files in real-time: Share and work on files simultaneously – no version histories or emailing of files for review. All files in one place that can be edited by anyone with access. This is file management simplified. 

• Store all files centrally and access those files without complex VPNs: Have access to your files from any location and any device. There is no requirement for complex VPNs and poor performance in uploading and downloading files to traditional file servers over slow connections. 

• Collaborate, share and communicate with each other with ease: Join and manage teams that mirror how you work. Working on a project together – no problem. Need to collaborate with your finance team on new budgets – no problem. All communications, files and to-dos all located in one place in one simple-to-use app. 

• Schedule once-off and regular meetings and video conferences: Stay in contact with clients and staff using video conferencing. Visual communication is more important now than ever before. Seeing your colleagues and clients has a hugely positive impact on relationships.

Benefits of Teams

Trust Spector for your Teams Implementation

With the advent of remote-working, we have seen an enormous increase in demand for clients seeking a better way to communicate and collaborate. Microsoft Teams  – Microsoft’s suite App combining a suite of collaboration and communication tools satisfies that requirement for a large percentage of our clients. 

Spector is a Gold Microsoft Partner, and we were using the tools ourselves before it was hype. Our engineers undertook advanced product training for Microsoft Teams, and we’ve implemented it for numerous customers. Today, it is completely integrated into most of our processes, representing a crucial part of our infrastructure.

How can we Help?

Microsoft Teams provides a single simple to use app that works on almost any device from any location. Our engineers will supply software licenses and assist by setting up all the features you need – from communications and phone to file-sharing.

Once up and running, we’ll provide training and support your users to familiarise themselves with the tool.

Outsourced It Support

A Guide to the Perfect Microsoft Teams Deployment

The Spector guide on Microsoft Teams Deployment

In this guide we take a look at Microsoft Teams from a deployment perspective – preparing your organisation for the rollout, and some pitfalls to avoid, to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

If you’re ready to tackle this by yourself, dive in and good luck! Remember to take your time to make sure the tool is working as desired and that your users are well familiarised with its functions.

Should you need any help, get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist.

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