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Microsoft 365 Lockdown

Microsoft 365 Security

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Microsoft 365 has very few security vulnerabilities. We’ve got them all covered.

The capabilities of Microsoft 365 are endless, and we’ve made further safety improvements by adding more protective layers and understanding advanced cybercriminal tactics. With this knowledge, we’re able to mitigate any security weaknesses and protect your users.

Why do you need more layers?

The Covid 19 lockdown has caused an explosion in targeted attacks on SMBs. Hackers are taking advantage of the confusion and new working practices to gain access and cause havoc through the disruption of Malware and the dreaded Ransomware.

As most attacks are being delivered through targeted Phishing and Identity compromise attacks, it is essential to defend against these invasions. To protect against these new attack vectors, it is imperative that you provide a layered approach to protecting your MS 365 platform.

More layers will mean cybercriminals will have to bypass not one but multiple defences to get to your data. Passwords and user IDs are notoriously vulnerable and easy to hack.

Large scale hacks on Garmin, LinkedIn and Dropbox, among others, have led to user online identities and passwords being hacked and shared on the Dark Web. With this information, hackers can gain access to legitimate systems such as Office 365.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Microsoft 365 is just better with Spector

We’re Microsoft Gold Partners, and our team is highly trained on the suite products. You can rest assured that we’ll cover your business in terms of efficiency, security, governance and policy.

Microsoft 365 provides a wealth of security and governance tools such as Security Scorecard to help you manage the security of this solution. Spector provides a policy management and governance solution that allows the administration of Microsoft 365 policies. This allows us to define standards and review them quarterly.

Any breaches in your MS 365 solution or changes in policy will be alerted to our helpdesk in real-time. This ensures that policies are enforced and that any backdoor hacks and attempts to change systems are alerted and stopped immediately.

How we Improve the Service

We have started by providing a robust Email security tool and are now working with most of our clients to deliver the following. This is our new minimum standard for security tools, with further enhancements coming in the next 3-6 months for all clients.

Multi-Factor Authentication protects the user and their identity from password hacking attempts by using a combination of one-time passwords (OTPs) and a security key generated on a mobile app. This stops the majority of persistent targeted attacks stone dead.

By utilising Password Sync, we can make employee log-in info easier to manage by synchronising them across platforms. This means that should a staff member leave the business or a password be compromised, removing access to that account will be quick and easy.

These are just some of the additional resources we use to make Microsoft 365 even more secure and efficient.

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