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Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring

We monitor the Dark Web to stop Cyber Crime before it can reach you.

By being one step ahead of cybercriminals, we can alert and protect your accounts before they act.

We monitor the dark web in real time for known user identity compromises. When credentials are hacked, they are sold on the dark web to hackers who then utilise this information to target unwary end users. This can be used to hack into email and other types of account and engineer phishing and targeted financial fraud. 


Our dark web services allow for complete and transparent reporting. In many cases we can also expose the actual username and password credentials and inform users so they can immediately change any accounts that they are using.

Dark Web Monitoring Data Driven

Real-Time Alert

Our service will send an Alert to our Helpdesk in real-time when a user’s email and/or password has been compromised and are appearing on the dark web for sale. We can then discuss how such attacks can be best mitigated with the client and ensure that they change password and employ multifactor authentication, where possible. 

Quick Set Up & Go

Our service uses a set up tool which can deploy the platform across a client’s network in minutes.

Benefits of moving to the cloud

Policy and Training

Dark Web monitoring allows the client to understand how their staff are using their valid business email credentials to subscribe to 3rd party services. We work alongside clients to train users how to avoid these pitfalls through cyber security awareness training and policy. 

Why Spector

Our Cyber Security suite protects users in all machines and endpoints. We’re constantly monitoring customers’ networks for suspicious activities and have created an effective wall against malicious files, email and intruders. That, combined with our business continuity and user training services, makes it extremely difficult for a cybercriminal to reach you.

The Dark Web Monitoring service takes this protection one step further by literally halting invaders before they even think about attacking you. It’s the cherry on the cake that will cover your users even against data breaches that are not directly targetting your business.

Protecting your Identity

When a clients’ identity has been compromised, they might not even be aware. Passwords can be gleaned from a clients’ users in a myriad of ways. The most common path is that their credentials are compromised through a larger hack on Web-based service providers, i.e. LinkedIn, Dropbox, Fitbit etc.

When these services are hacked, their subscribers’ user names and passwords are exposed and sold on the dark web. These are then weaponised against the user as the hackers automate the process of logging into their valid email accounts and other web services – using the stolen usernames and passwords.

Our Dark Web Monitoring services stop this process in its tracks. If we find your credentials online, we’ll alert you so that you can change your passwords and access keys, rendering the criminals’ efforts fruitless.

Dark Web Monitoring

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