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PC & Mac Encryption

PC & Mac Encryption

Protecting your data and making sure it stays private.

Encrypting your data and devices makes it impossible for criminals to access them, even if you lose your device.

The purpose of encryption is to protect the contents of a hard drive (PC, server or Mac) from prying eyes. It means that if a device is stolen that the contents of the hard drive will remain unreadable and the device unusable.  

We centrally monitor and manage device compliance and also handle any issues with lost encryption keys if required.

Data Security and Compliance

The majority of business professionals carry laptops containing confidential company information. While in use a trained employee can mitigate some risk of data being compromised, however what about when the device is at rest? Encrypting the hard drive is best way to secure company data. 

In the case of misplacement, loss, or theft, the clients’ compliance requirement most likely will require them to verify that such devices are encrypted for data protection, our service ensures this adherence with an accessible management system for quick verification of encrypted devices

Testing backups for peace of mind

Secure Document Sharing

Send documents to-and-fro without worrying about them being intercepted on the way. Users can create a password-protected file securely contained within an HTML-5 wrapper. Encrypted files can only be opened by a recipient with the correct password.

Easy Deployment

A browser-based Management console means no server to deploy, so clients can start securing data in minutes.

Should the client be availing of our Endpoint Protection service, a separate agent is not even be required, ensuring that client data protection can be controlled from a single console.

Outsourced IT Support


Our solutions’ Central Self Service lets users retrieve their own full disk encryption recovery keys. This helps users get back to work faster without needing to contact the helpdesk, saving time and resources!

Encryption Explained - A Clear and Simple Guide

Encryption can be a tricky topic to explain for non-technical people. And if it’s hard to explain how it works, it’s also hard to explain why it is so important.

Our guide tackles the task of discussing encryption in a simple and logic manner. It goes from the very basic concepts until some that are more advanced.

With it, we hope you can finally get a good grasp on this subject and understand why it is vital for cyber security.

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