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Standards and frameworks

Compliance & Cyber Security Standards and Frameworks

Bringing your business to the highest global standards, at your own pace.

Organisational resilience, efficiency, security and peace of mind are only some of the benefits brought by the best standards and frameworks.

Compliance is no longer optional for any organisation. Rather than view Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) as an unwanted distraction, use it to leverage competitive advantage. 

Maintaining compliance standards requires an in-depth understanding of security policies, frameworks, and systems to manage the compliance process. 

Our compliance team is experienced in managing and progress-reporting on delivering different security and compliance frameworks, such as GDPRCyber Essentials, Central Bank of Ireland Regulations, NIST, and ISO27001. We guide our clients through varying levels of compliance maturity, depending on their individual requirements. 

Understand your Risk

• We start with a GAP Analysis and understand your drivers for achieving a higher level of risk maturity. It will produce a simple-to-navigate board-level report of key risks, with recommendations and next steps. 

• We guide you through the adequate security framework to help you achieve your goals and certification paths. The objective will be broken down into practical steps, and these will be performed under our guidance. 

Understand your risk

Manage your Risk

We provide a compliance platform that provides a structured risk-based approach to compliance management. 

This allows for complete collaboration, activity-based management and evidence gathering as we progress through the compliance lifecycle. 

Best of all, this is structured and automated, saving more time than you can imagine. 

Prepare for the Audit

• We offer professional advice on external cyber security and compliance audits. 

• Our recurring compliance services assist by gathering evidence and reviewing policies throughout the year, ensuring that compliance standards are maintained. 

• We offer remediation services to address shortfalls in both policies and security controls, reporting on positive outcomes. 

For more insight on how we can help, please read: Before the Audit – Gathering Evidence to Prove Compliance and Preparing for your Cyber Security & GRC Audit

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Learn More About the Gap Analysis

Download our brochure for more detail

The Gap Analysis is a crucial step in our process and provides valuable insight into your business’ technological and operational structure. We’ve compiled some of the essential information in this PDF, but feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss this method in more detail.

Outcomes of an IT GAP Analysis

1. Evaluate current IT against best practice.
2. Defines exactly what to outsource – service catalogue.
3. Defines expectations – SLA’s, edges of service.
4. Identifies key risks.
5. Defining a clear roadmap – Onboarding, Reviews, Strategy, Projects.
6. Commercials and ongoing costs. 

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