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Server Management, Monitoring and Support

Ensuring top-level performance and protection for your servers.

Our expertise will fix and future-proof your servers to allow your business to thrive with it.

To ensure your business is best positioned to combat modern cyber-threats, if there is a server, we have to manage it. Our Managed Server solution delivers end-to-end support. Through our remote management and monitoring tools, we can maintain 24/7 visibility on critical services and receive alerts directly to our Helpdesk should they go down, ensuring a Certified Engineer is working to remediate the issue in minutes.

Our tools do more than simply alert us if a server goes down; it’s complex enough that we can agree on what precisely will be monitored with our clients. Meaning you receive a more profound solution designed specifically for how your business operates.

Remote Monitoring and Support

Our specialist tools provide us with complete and continuous visibility on your business’ server. Once set up, this allows us to look at critical services that we need to watch out for on the server, should they go down or stop altogether.

In this instance, our tools send an alert directly to our Helpdesk, meaning one of our Certified Engineers is on the case in minutes.This ensures more productivity and less downtime for your business.

Cyber Security Assessment


Our tools allow more than monitoring; with robust remote management features, we can tailor our Managed Server package to our clients’ requirements. Together we agree on what exactly is monitored with you, making our Managed Server more in-depth and custom as a service. Once applied, this allows your business the space to focus on more valuable tasks.


As an ISO27001 accredited company, we work hard to ensure our policies, staff, and technology are top of our industry. In collaboration with your business’ specific requirements, we can be confident that the managing of your servers is meeting all governance and compliance requirements your business may have.

Ensuring your business can function with agility and the peace of mind that your server is protected to the highest level, with evidence-based reporting to support that.

Cyber Security

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