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Managed Network

Support and Enable your Business Growth with a Robust, Future-Proof Structure

Building your network from the ground-up or upgrading your current structure with clarity and minimum downtime.

A solid IT infrastructure lies at the core of all well-run business networks. We are experts in the delivery and management of enterprise class infrastructure. We have delivered hundreds of network related projects of varying complexity since we have opened our doors in 2002.

IT Projects can be demanding and complex but deliver long-term positive benefits. We perform a detailed risk/benefit analysis to prepare the ground before projects even begin. This clearly marks out what is being delivered and how best to get there with minimal disruption and risk.

Not all networks are built alike

Network Management and Monitoring

With our remote monitoring and management tools, we can take a proactive stance with your business’ network.

These tools allow us to identify and remediate issues before they impact the network, ensuring your network operates with the highest level of availability, allowing your business to maintain productivity, and reduce costs.

Vast Knowledge Base

With three-tiered support and a team of engineers with over 40 industry certifications who speak plain English, we have a solid knowledge base in Spector. This awards us the expertise to deliver and support a robust and comprehensive Managed Network solution.

IT Support Ireland

How Spector Simplifies Networks

At Spector, we don’t deploy tools unless they meet a very high standard of excellence. Only then we determine them fit for purpose.

Part of our process is consolidating our tools, reducing complexity, risk, and ensuring compliance while maintaining simplicity. This allows you to source all your access and bandwidth requirements from a single source.

By knowing what good looks like and respecting your time and resources, we strive to deliver our projects with minimum disruption – and always within deadline and budget.

Our End-to-End Solution

We handle the design, deployment, policies, as well as ongoing maintenance and support. We discuss your businesses specific needs and requirements, pair that with our own robust knowledge, and deliver a comprehensive Managed Network built to your requirements, with Spector’s policies to back it up.

Our experience ranges from structured cabling, server and cloud migrations right through to complete ground-up rebuilds of core technology for multi-site organisations.

Testing backups for peace of mind

From the people who trust us

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