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Rapid Response IT Support

Our Engineers have 40+ Industry Qualifications, built to serve as your complete IT team, or provide additional support to your in-house IT team.

Our approach is client-focused and tailored to your needs, which includes:

• Quick Response Times
• Strategy-Focused
• Real people, speaking plain English
• Proactive Account Management
• Remote Monitoring & Management

How our Managed IT Support Works

Our processes are ISO27001 accredited, meaning we can offer the highest possible IT Support to your staff. It all starts by logging a ticket with our team through phone, e-mail, or through our online portal.  

Once logged, your ticket will be assigned to an engineer with the right skillset to resolve it. We have strict escalation processes so should your issue become larger, it is raised up the ladder as soon as possible to ensure the ticket is resolved completely, as soon as possible.  

People working in office. Business partners potential weak security links

Lightning-fast response times

Our managed IT solutions are deployed quickly to support your users both in the office and at home. The lightning-fast response time (average of 7 minutes to close a support ticket) provides the confidence your teams need to perform, effectively turning technology into a competitive advantage.

Remote Support

Remote IT Support is a foundational part of any Outsourced IT Contract. Offering access to easy remote IT Support means your staff get the same high quality support both in and out of office.  

Remote IT Support is provided in Spector’s Fully Managed IT Support Contracts, which also includes onsite IT Support in case you require a technician to visit your office.

Benefits of moving to the cloud

Your Side

• Our Certified Engineers at your disposal

• Rapid Response

• Your business has time to focus on productivity

How to Choose your IT Provider - Checklist

A Checklist with the most important questions to ask

The process of finding the best IT provider can often seem complicated but it doesn’t have to be. We have complied the simple checklist below with the most important questions to consider and ask a potential partner:

• Do they have a dedicated team who will proactively monitor your systems to fix problems before they cause an issue for your business?

• Will you get to meet and strategically plan with an IT expert who understands your business at least every quarter?

For this and much more, download the checklist and bring it with you to your next partner prospect meeting.

From the people who trust us

Learn more in a Discovery Call

Schedule a call with our experts

Ready for better support? Book a 30 minute, free consultation with one of our experts. 

In a quick, no-compromise Discovery Call, we’ll listen to your questions, issues and requirements and bring possible solutions. You’ll learn a bit about our processes, and if you are interested, we can begin building a plan to improve technology in your business.

Use the Calendar panel aside to select the best time and date for your call. Alternatively, you can contact us by the means below:

• Call us now at (+353) 01 664 4190

• Email us at info@spector.ie

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