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IT Strategy Planning

IT Strategy and Planning

Working with the end goal in mind.

One step at a time, we’ll bring your structure to where it should be. Continuous Improvement will take your business to the next level.

At Spector, we take a proactive approach to IT Support. We start with a Technology GAP Analysis, which highlights the risks in your business’ IT, and provides us with a detailed roadmap to align your technology with the growing needs of your business.

With this information at hand, we’ll work to secure your company and staff from cyber risk while improving your productivity and efficiency.

Modern Businesses Need a Modern Approach to IT

In the past, break/fix solutions were the norm. However, now that technology supports almost everything in the modern workplace, businesses can’t risk only resolving a problem once it becomes an issue.

The Reactive Break/Fix approach wastes your company and your staff’s time, negatively impacting productivity, growth, and employee satisfaction.

Our proactive approach to IT Support means we plan ahead and consult with you on how best to support your business’ technology today, tomorrow, and next year. We align your technology with the requirements of your business. Through our regular assessments, we can identify problems before they become an issue that impacts your company’s productivity, helping your business achieve its goals.

Modern approach to IT

Why this Approach Works?

Our customers usually come to us looking for better service and faster response times, not bearing in mind the importance of the strategic element of IT planning. That tends to come as a pleasant surprise once they understand what good looks like.

Having a plan enables us to future-proof the technology infrastructure of customers and turn it into a genuine competitive advantage. If you’re only looking at the present and past issues, you’re missing a big part of the picture.

Think of all the ways tech can be used to bring your business to the next level. Now let’s make a plan to prepare and implement these changes together.

How we Operate - The Spector Way

Our Strategic IT projects tend to follow a routine where we begin assessing your current structure to learn more about your challenges and move from there.

Communication is vital and constant in every part of the plan. Your team will be fully supported as we move along, and your dedicated Project Manager will be in touch every week to keep you informed. These are the steps you can expect:

1- IT GAP Analysis & Risk Assessment

2- Technology Roadmap

3- Roadmap Presentation, Consultation, and Prioritisation

4- Rollout

5- Quarterly Business Reviews and IT Audits

Specialist IT Support

Everything about the Gap Analysis

Identify your greatest cyber security risks. Prioritise your remedial actions.

The Gap Analysis is the first step to a bright future with business technology. From here, we can understand where you are, what are your goals and how long is the gap between here and there.

Download our brochure to understand more details of how this process works and why it’s received so much positive feedback.

Dive in, and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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