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Remote Working

Remote Working Solutions

Work from anywhere, safer than ever.

What was uncommon is now the new norm. Count on us to provide security and efficiency for your workforce, wherever they are.

Technology allows businesses to be more flexible than ever before. Any place with an internet connection can become an office, and anyone with a computer around the world can be part of your team. 

Enabling your business to operate remotely can bring several advantages. However, ensuring that people will be secure and productive while apart is not an easy task and requires appropriate structure and planning. We have the expertise to provide you with the tools and know-how that your business needs. 

Extend your Limits and be More Efficient

With these remote working solutions, you’re enabling your business to function anywhere, creating incredible versatility and opening a world of new possibilities for your customers and staff.

• You will be ready to make use of a global talent pool. Find the best professionals based on their skills, not on their locations. 

• Expand your presence to new regions and countries with more ease and allow remote workers to collaborate directly. 

• More flexibility for your business, as you avoid physical site limitations and enable your team to work from anywhere. 

• Reduce costs with site rent, security and equipment — free your resources to invest in your business.

• Always online – the flexibility may allow your company to serve customers in unconventional hours or different time zones.

• Build a happier, more productive and loyal team. Remote working can give a significant boost in the work-life balance and satisfaction of your staff.

Switching IT Support

Securing your Remote Business - the Spector Way

Technologies such as cloud servers, VPN, multi-factor authentication and access control will complement the critical infrastructure of your business operations. All of them have to be continually monitored and managed to ensure the safety of your files and critical data. 

Neglecting this could leave your business open to countless threats and cyber criminals. Here at Spector, we’ll make sure efficiency doesn’t compromise security. We’ve been dealing with remote workforces on a daily basis since before the pandemic and accommodated the migration of all our customers when it happened. Our knowledge of Cloud tools and structure comes from many years of practical experience.

How Spector Enables you in Going Remote

Spector will assist you in implementing all the tools you will need to begin working remotely and securing your staff and data wherever they are. This will consist mainly of an initial project, followed by a continuous monitoring and support function.

We’ll sit down together to understand what are your business-critical tools and applications so that we can establish your needs and priorities. You will learn about the recommended tools we’ve tested, which will be critical for your business to operate remotely. Tools to assist in communication, security, file sharing, storage and collaboration. With these things in mind, we’ll develop and execute a plan to get your business ready.

Last but not least, during this whole process, we’ll remain vigilant with all things security, including monitoring access to your network, training and supporting your users and backing up your data. Our continuous protection and support services will provide the confidence your staff needs to operate remotely.

People working in office. Business partners potential weak security links

The Best Tips and Guides on Remote Working

The Toolkit to prepare your business for Working Remotely

Remote working can transform your business, but the circumstances of implementation will have a significant impact on your staff. Since the Coronavirus outbreak, companies have had to rush their people to work from home – with no preparation and support.

We have scanned the internet in search of practical advice and guidance from leading companies in remote work. The best in-depth guides for employers and employees are available in this article.

Dive in, and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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