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Switching IT Support Providers

Switching IT Support

Transitioning from providers in a smooth process, with no downtime.

Our onboarding team will take you in and handle the switch with your current provider. A painless move with satisfying results.

Moving from one IT services provider to another may take a little time and effort, but if your current provider has been letting you down, it is far better to expend a little manpower and resources to move to a more reliable company than struggle with one you no longer trust.

Plus, switching providers is probably much easier than you might think. If you’re not happy with them, they’re likely not happy with you either. We handle the exchange for you and ensure the transition will be fast and smooth without compromising your service.

How Easy is Switching IT Service Providers?

This depends entirely on how much you rely on managed IT services as part of your enterprise technology stack. If you are only relying on cloud storage and desktop apps such as Microsoft 365, then migrating will be very simple indeed.

However, if you have integrated managed IT services into your DevOps cycle, and depend on cloud services as the service platform for business-critical applications, then migration becomes slightly more complex.

A recommended way of confronting the task is to choose the right time to make the shift – when the effort of doing so is diminished in some way. More on this below.

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Preparing for the Transition to a new IT Service Provider

Getting ready to move providers is probably the most arduous task as it will require careful planning. First, in establishing the penetration of the current services and how they need to be replaced.

And secondly, in coming up with a testing plan to ensure the migration was successful. Here at Spector, we help ease this transition with our tried and trusted onboarding process, which migrates any risks and ensures minimal disruption to your business and staff.

When to Switch IT Providers?

The trick to minimising the impact of switching providers is timing the switch to coincide with an event that, in itself, requires some effort to action.

For example, if you are replacing a current enterprise application with a new one or are beginning a large project to develop a new one. Performing network or infrastructure upgrades would also make a good pivot point for a migration. Even process changes, such as reworking how compliance is handled internally, could be an appropriate time to change.

Due to the changes being made, it makes sense to offload an old provider. So rather than performing an upgrade, rollout or deployment, you can set up the new infrastructure, application or processes on the new managed IT platform before switching off the old services.

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Switching is Easy: How to Smoothly Transition to a New IT Services Provider

What’s stopping you from making the switch?

What happens when an IT provider begins to fail in providing an adequate service standard and the client needs to move to a better provider? In this post, we examine the issue of switching IT service provider and discuss how you can easily overcome it.

Keep in mind: if you’re not happy with them, they’re probably not happy with you. So if the fear of switching is preventing you from moving on, remember it is usually to the benefit of both parties that you transition.

Our specialists are happy to provide more details and advice until you are ready to take action. Whenever you want to book a call, simply pick a date in the calendar below.

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