Learn How to Protect Your Online Identity

Safeguard yourself and your business from the most prolific cybercrime of the decade



  • Identity Theft is the main cause of Financial Fraud, and it costs companies worldwide over €200 Billion per year.
  • Small and Medium Businesses are now the main targets of Cyber Criminals.



Find out everything you need to know about protecting yourself against this threat with our essential guide.



Identity Theft
The Essential Guide on
How to Avoid Identity Theft



  • How Identity Theft Happens
  • How to Protect yourself
  • How Much is your Online Identity Worth in the Dark Web
  • What to do if your Identity has been stolen
  • The Best Techniques for creating stronger passwords
  • How to Spot a Suspicious Email
  • Tools and services that will facilitate this task
  • Cyber Safety Evaluation Test
Find if your Identity has been Compromised

The website below can tell if your accounts have been found in a company breach or in a Dark Web file. It is perfectly safe, and may serve as a warning that you need to change your passwords or secure your accounts.

The Main Targets: Finance Professionals

Cyber criminals are targeting the people who deal with the money and turn the cogs in our businesses. Please feel free to share this material with these professionals and your colleagues.

Identity Theft
Our Experience against this threat

Our team at Spector have many years of experience in dealing with Cyber Security, and one of the biggest concerns regarding Identity Theft is that the victim only discovers that their identity has been compromised when it’s already too late.



Every week, we are witnessing new attempts at Identity Theft among our clients and our actions have had a significant effect in preventing these attacks from being successful, saving our clients thousands of euros in the process.


From our Customers

"The level of knowledge and expertise that Spector possess allowed us to feel reassured that we were in safe hands."


- Andrew Duff; Senior Communications Engineer at BPMultipage


"They all work as a team and have a great working office. I would highly recommend this company."


Cathy Doyle; Sales Representative at Naturalife

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