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Top 4 Business Technology Trends for 2022

Top 4 Business Technology Trends 2022
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Over the last few decades, technology has been a driving force in business transformation and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The fact that direct digital transformation investments are projected to total €7 trillion between 2020 and 2023 demonstrates this. If you want your firm to succeed, you must have the appropriate technologies to help you keep up with the changing business world. Learning what are the current business technology trends is the first step to do so.

In the present scenario, your technology must enable you to overcome three recent pandemic-induced issues:

Supply chain disruptions

In 2021, supply chain interruptions cost businesses throughout the world an average of $184 million. As production sites and borders were strongly impacted by Covid 19, the world has seen ongoing shortages.

The great resignation

In 2021, tens of millions resigned from their jobs in Europe and the United States, setting a new record. This global phenomenon has been called “the great resignation”. Its effect is being widely noticed and studied in the business world.

A rise in ransomware attacks

Ransomware affected 68.5% of businesses surveyed in 2021, according to research from Statista. As companies rushed to remote work, cybercriminals exploited vulnerabilities and caused considerable damage. Learn more about Ransomware.

As Covid 19 continues to impact organisations worldwide, this article discusses more trends likely to take place during the year. Businesses must keep up with the demands of the evolving technology landscape if they wish to achieve their goals and remain competitive despite the changes brought about by the pandemic.

Track the latest business technology trends to know if you are moving in the right direction. Having a managed service provider (MSP) on your side allows your business to stay up to date without doing the heavy lifting.

Top 4 business technology trend predictions for 2022

Third-party risks will increase

In 2022, third parties will be involved in 60% of security incidents. This means that firms that fail to invest in the risk management trifecta of people, processes and technology may face cyberattacks.

Proactive businesses will include risk assessment, supply chain mapping, real-time risk intelligence and business continuity management in their IT stack.

We have a selection of articles discussing third-party risks, available in the links below:

One-third of companies will fail at implementing “work from anywhere”

To successfully and securely empower remote workers, organisations need to deliver: 

  • A precisely designed digital workplace that allows for seamless working from anywhere
  • A leadership team capable of leading a virtual team
  • An organisation with high levels of digital literacy across all departments
  • A thorough mastery of work-from-anywhere concepts

However, a third of the companies still lag in these areas. Leaders have not been trained effectively, and organisational culture is suffering. Despite being the most prevalent business technology trend for the past couple years, companies haven’t mastered this challenge.

If you think there’s still room for improvement in your business, check our articles and guides on Remote Working below.

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Migrating Cloud

Cloud-native takes centre stage in enterprise cloud

The Cloud has been involved in emerging business technology trends for over a decade now, and its potential still hasn’t been fully explored. Cloud customers will change their business strategy to be completely cloud-native rather than using the cloud for only a portion of their portfolio.

Also, cloud-native adoption is predicted to reach 50% of enterprise organisations by 2022, spanning all major technology domains such as big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Migrating to the cloud is not as straightforward as it may seem, and it requires careful planning and consideration. There are many solutions and setups available that may be adequate for your business, involving a private, public or hybrid cloud.

We have a Guide on Cloud Migration available for free, and our team would be happy to understand your needs and discuss solutions. Get in touch!

Tech execs leap from digital to human-centred technology transformations

In 2022, technology executives will concentrate on fixing long-term problems. The best ones will embrace a customer-centric approach to technology, allowing their organisation to meet future customer and employee needs with adaptability, innovation and resilience.

This business technology trend was identified by a Forrester report, and it allows companies to quickly reconfigure business structures and capabilities. It’s the realisation that business technology must be designed for the end users – people who will be able to maximise its value.

Our Guide on Technology Transformation is a couple of years old but still provides practical guidelines to apply changes in your business. Download it for free and get in touch if you want to talk to our specialists.

Apply these Tech Trends and Collaborate for success

Get your technology infrastructure ready for a successful year! With the help of a technology partner, you’ll have a much easier journey getting there.

Keeping up with the rapid pace of technology and learning how to leverage it to your business’ success can be time-consuming. Not all business technology trends will be applicable to your reality and industry. A trusted partner will not only lend you their know-how of what’s best in tech but will also implement these tools for you securely.

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